8th International Phosphorus Workshop (IPW8) in Rostock, September 12-16, 2016


The International Phosphorus Workshops (IPWs) are well-known for presenting the latest results of research into agricultural and environmental P cycles as well as new methods of P analysis. Recently, environmental problems arising from P surplus on the one hand side and the implications for food production posed by P deficiencies on the other have made fair and sustainable P distribution a societal challenge. Therefore, at the IPW8, P governance will be an important focus. In addition, given the research interests of the hosting Leibniz-ScienceCampus, the role of P in catalytic reactions and technical applications will debut as a workshop topic. Other topics, addressing subjects ranging from the atomic/molecular to the societal, are guaranteed to stimulate interesting and productive transdisciplinary discussions covered by the IPW8.

The themes of the workshop are:

• Phosphorus cycles and fluxes in the environment

• Sufficiency and efficiency of phosphorus utilization

• Phosphorus recycling: technologies and product applications

• Syntheses of and with phosphorus- containing compounds

• The development of advanced phosphorus analysis methods

• From knowledge to action: phosphorus-related issues in politics and society


Further information on topics, excursions, abstract submission, deadlines, registration process etc.: www.sciencecampus-rostock.de/ipw8.html


We look forward to seeing you in Rostock!

Local organizing committee of the Leibniz-ScienceCampus Phosphorus Research Rostock

Chairs: Ulrich Bathmann & Peter Leinweber
Scientific Committee: Bettina Eichler-Löbermann, Felix Ekardt, Marko Hapke, Gerald Jandl, Monika Nausch, Detlef Schulz-Bull, Jens Tränckner, Klaus Wimmers, Dana Zimmer
Coordination office: Inga Krämer, Daniela Derlet-Eichler, Julia Schneider