P-Campus-Ringvorlesung am 13.01.2022

Am 13. Januar 2022 findet der nächste Vortrag der P-Campus-Ringvorlesung statt. Julian Kirchgesser von der Universität Rostock referiert zum Thema "Phenotypic and genotypic variability of P-uptake mechanisms in potato". Der Vortrag wird online gehalten und beginnt um 15:00 Uhr.

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Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) plays an important role for food supply and starch production alike. Crucial for sustaining both high yields and starch quality is a sustainable phosphorus (P) fertilization. Compared to other crops, potatoes have a relatively poor P acquisition efficiency, which is mainly due to their shallow and sparsely branched root system. New cultivars with improved P efficiency may contribute to save limited mineral P sources and to reduce eutrophication of surface water bodies. To characterise the phenotypic variation of P deficiency reactions, 200 different potato accessions, comprising clones from the Gross Lüsewitz Potato Collections (GLKS) and modern cultivars, were used in both rhizotron and pot experiments. In addition, a field experiment with two selected accessions has been conducted. This presentation will offer the preliminary results of these experiments and gives some outlook to the future of the project.