Cluster III: Phosphorus in Synthesis and Catalysis

The cluster “Phosphorus in Synthesis and Catalysis” is concerned with fundamental questions concerning the structure and reactivity of phosphorus containing compounds. Phosphorus is one of the key elements in synthesis and catalysis. This is based on the oxidation states of phosphorus, ranging from −3 to +5 and consequently, phosphorus compounds show a variety of different coordination modes. . The structural variety of these compounds leads to a broad range of exclusive properties and possible applications in chemistry.

Phosphorus containing compounds are widely used in all areas of chemistry. In organometallic and coordination chemistry they are used as ligands e.g. in transition metal complexes. These complexes find application as catalysts in academia and industry. Often only the use of catalysts makes efficient reactions and the selective access to the desired products possible. With respect to sustainability these catalysts with P-containing ligands contribute to the development of energy and resource efficient processes.

Moreover, phosphorus containing compounds play a unique role in organocatalysis and as reagents in organic synthesis. Without these reagents the production of many natural and pharmaceutical products, e.g. for medical applications, would not be possible. Numerous products in our daily life, ranging from light emitting diods, to crop protection products or even flame retardants contain the element phosphorus.


Neue Organokatalysatoren und kooperative Katalysatorsysteme für die stoffliche Nutzung von CO2 (Dr. T. Werner) (BMBF, 2010-2015)

Selektive Oligomerisierung von Ethylen mit P-N-Liganden-Systemen (Prof. Dr. U. Rosenthal) (SABIC, Linde AG, 2006-2015)

Graduiertenschule I: Leibniz-WissenschaftsCampus Phosphorforschung Rostock (WGL, 04/2015-06/2019)

Graduiertenschule II: Leibniz-WissenschaftsCampus Phosphorforschung Rostock (WGL, 07/2019-11/2023)

KataPlasma: Hydroformylierung mit homogenen Katalysatoren geträgert auf Plasma funktionalisierten Materialien* (BMBF, 06/2016 – 12/2019)



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