Cross-cutting activity (Cluster V): P-Governance

Cluster V of the campus aims at possible policy instruments to strengthen P-recycling (consistency), efficiency and sufficiency in the use of P-fertilizers and deals with their implementation in society and agricultural practice through effective legal frameworks. The aim of the subproject is to deepen the analysis and further development of agricultural, fertilizer, water, soil protection, waste and recycling legislation and to develop concrete governance options for closed P cycles at different legal levels. Natural scientific findings generated within the framework of the campus will be included as well as current political and legal developments. A current priority is the monitoring and further development of the EU Common Agricultural Policy for the 2021-2027 support phase.


Neue Organokatalysatoren und kooperative Katalysatorsysteme für die stoffliche Nutzung von CO2 (Dr. T. Werner) (BMBF, 2010-2015)

Selektive Oligomerisierung von Ethylen mit P-N-Liganden-Systemen (Prof. Dr. U. Rosenthal) (SABIC, Linde AG, 2006-2015)

Anschubprojekte im Rahmen der Förderung des Leibniz-WissenschaftsCampus Phosphorforschung Rostock (WGL, ab 07/2019)

Anschubprojekte im Rahmen der Förderung des Leibniz-WissenschaftsCampus Phosphorforschung Rostock (WGL, 2015-06/2019)

Graduiertenschule I: Leibniz-WissenschaftsCampus Phosphorforschung Rostock (WGL, 04/2015-06/2019)

Graduiertenschule II: Leibniz-WissenschaftsCampus Phosphorforschung Rostock (WGL, 07/2019-06/2023)

KataPlasma: Hydroformylierung mit homogenen Katalysatoren geträgert auf Plasma funktionalisierten Materialien* (BMBF, 06/2016 – 12/2019)



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