P-Campus Summer School "Agriculture, Environment and Research"


preliminary schedule


The summer school "Agriculture, Environment and Research" will take place from 16.05. to 20.05.2022.

Within the framework of the summer school, participants will be given an insight into phosphorus research in the various disciplines in the P-Campus. This should enable them to get to know P research in other disciplines, to take new perspectives, to network their own research with other disciplines and, if necessary, to develop new possibilities for collaboration with other disciplines.

For this purpose, the following facilities will be visited and the following research fields will be presented:

Monday starts at LIKAT with an overview of catalysis research in general and the synthesis of P-containing catalysts in particular. We will then provide an insight into the method of 31P-NMR analysis of P-containing compounds, which can be used, among other things, to examine environmental samples. LIKAT is located in Rostock in the Südstadtcampus and is within walking distance from the bus or tram.

Tuesday starts at the Fischglashaus at the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (AUF), also in Südstadt. Here, current research on aquaculture recirculation systems and aquaponics is presented in the Fischglashaus. At lunchtime, we will cycle (or take the faculty bus) to Pölchow. Here, current problems of agricultural land use will be presented at several soil profiles.

On Wednesday, staff from the FBN in Dummerstorf will give an insight into current P research, e.g. on feeding and health in farm animals. In the afternoon, there will be a guided tour of the animal technology centre and the stables. The journey to Dummerstorf will be made by an institute bus.

On Thursday, research on cold plasmas and possibilities for the application of plasmas, e.g. in agricultural environments, will be presented at the INP in Greifswald. The journey to Greifswald will be by coach; the meeting point is on the south side of the central station at the ZOB.

On Friday, research on the P-efficiency of potatoes and on potato breeding and variety preservation will be presented at the IPK in Groß Lüsewitz. The meeting point is Rostock main station; the journey to Groß Lüsewitz will be by train.

You can find an overview of the program here: schedule

All travel costs and meals will be covered by the P-Campus. The event will take place under 2G conditions and the current Corona specifications in May 2022 for the greatest possible safety of all participants. The event will be held in English. During the guided tours and lectures, however, questions can be asked in both German and English.

The number of participants is limited to 10. PhD students who are funded by the P-Campus will be given priority, otherwise the order of registration will decide. PhD students without P-Campus funding will be put on a waiting list and will move up to places that have become free. Participation is only possible on all five days and not on individual days.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the event: info@wissenschaftscampus-rostock.de